A live brief set by M&S, to create a collection of picnic-ware for S/S 22, looking for exciting newness and innovative designs. 
Mood Board.
Bringing exotic fruits, quirky large shaped plants and colourful patterned insects together. 
Colour Board.
A bright pop off colour making this perfect
 for the summer season. 
Print inspiration Board 
Illustrative prints from other designers who have inspired my project. 
Market Research 
Looking at M&S competitive markets, and seeing what 
they have to offer.

Drawings - Gouache Paintings.

Final Designs 


I have visualised how my designs could possibly work across Picnic-ware products when Alfresco dining. 
My designs are versatile and commercial allowing them to have scope to be adjusted to the right market/product. 

" I really enjoyed working with the homeware design team at M&S as it has helped me in many ways. One way it’s helped me is by bettering my skills as a designer through the helpful feedback provided by professionals in the business. It has also helped me gain more confidence in myself by seeing my work gain some level of success from winning and manufactured and available nationwide across all stores and online. "

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